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3 Steps To Claiming Your AC Unit On Your Home Insurance
October 10, 2017
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December 11, 2017
six tips for preparing your AC for Winter

6 Tips For Preparing Your AC For Winter

Floridians do not experience the Winter Weather that our northern neighbors endure, but we still feel the cold dry air associated with it. During these weather shifts, it’s important to make sure that your home systems are ready. Preparing your HVAC systems for weather changes goes a long way in extending its lifetime.

Rainbow Lakes Heating & AC Winter Weather Preparation Tips:

  1. Change the AC Filter. If you don’t already change filters monthly, it’s important to change your AC Units’ filter at the start of winter to ensure the best possible airflow. We tend to close up our homes relying on our HVAC filters to remove the dust, allergens, and anything floating in the air. Changing filters is the first step in preventative maintenance of all HVAC, AC/air conditioning units.
  2. Set Your AC and Forget It. Consistency is key when heating or cooling homes. Turning the AC or HVAC unit completely off and then on when you are home causes it to run excessively without cooling down, this can cause your compressor or motors to seize and result in a very expensive repair. Keeping homes a constant temperature means that your unit is not running for extended periods. Install a programmable HVAC thermostat and set it for comfortable levels. Most thermostats will allow you to set temperatures for different times. Thus, you may choose to set it cooler during the midday and warmer as the sun goes down. Once you program your HVAC thermostat, most do not require any additional attention.
  3. Inspect the AC Unit. A quick inspection of both the inside and outside HVAC unit will help prevent costly problems. Make sure the HVAC system is running and listen for any noises that sound off. Whining, squealing, grinding, or lack thereof will require your professional HVAC fixer for additional support. Visually, look for leaks, excessive water draining or not at all, most units will have a slow drip or flow. The drain pan should not be full. Check vents for blockage, make sure furniture isn’t in front of the open vents, and make sure the vents in any unused room are closed, no sense heating vacant spaces.
  4. Clean. Homeowners can do a simple cleaning of their furnace unit, vents, intake, and outside AC fans. If there is dust or debris remove it, vacuum around the furnace blower, vents and intake. Also check ceiling fans, it’s good to clean them and set them to turn the opposite direction. This will help your HVAC unit circulate air without added dust and flow more efficiently. Also don’t forget to put the cap full of bleach down the drain line so that algae doesn’t start to build up.
  5. Seal it. Things like weather stripping in the attic, doors and windows isn’t technically prepping your HVAC system for winter, but it goes a long way to save homeowners money on costly heating or cooling bills. Barriers such as seals break down easily, Florida sun dry-rots them, pets scratch them, kids pull them out, replacing broke seals isn’t very expensive but the savings can be huge over the course of a season.
  6. Call your profession HVAC repair and service company. Seasonal inspection not only prevent unexpected trouble, oftentimes they validate warranty programs. Routine maintenance is a great way to extend the life of any HVAC system and ensure that the whole home is comfortable in any season.

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