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September 15, 2017
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November 15, 2017

Natural disasters are full of the unexpected. Once we deal with all of the immediate needs of the “unexpected”, we can step back and look at the big picture of what long term damage homes and property will endure. Assessing damage to major home systems is an important part of the recovery process.

First, we must understand what homeowner or commercial insurance policies cover. Some policies will cover water damage but not flooding from a storm. Others may not cover “flooding” if the water from outside breaches the interior of your home, but will cover water damage is your roof leaks or a pipe bursts inside the home. Policies are filled with language that is confusing and sometimes the damage incurred overlaps into different aspect of coverage.

Air conditioning system damage often overlaps because there are inside and outside components. If your home has a window ac unit, it may be covered differently than your whole home heating and cooling systems. Window AC units are considered personal property where whole home HVAC systems are considered part of the structure of the home. However, many homeowners’ insurance companies will offer a major appliance coverage that will cover things like the water heater and the HVAC systems. So it’s important that you review your specific policy and understand what kind of existing coverage you have, what types of damage are covered and the amount of the deductibles.

Due to our recent run in with Hurricane Irma, many homes and businesses sustained damage that will require insurance claims.

The first step is notification, contact the insurance company and notify them of the damage.

This is an important first step because many companies have a time limit you can file a claim after a storm or damage occurs and since there are a lot of people requiring assistance and estimates, it may take some time for your Professional AC Repair Company to get to you. If the claim request is in, it will in essence hold your place to make a claim until you can be seen.

Next, schedule a professional air conditioner fixer to give you an estimate.

Beware, because there are many companies who will “pop-up” after a storm, they aren’t all reputable. Make sure you use local companies because they know your area and the types of damage that your home has sustained. They understand the types of construction and materials used in your region and will ensure that your claim is written correctly. Keep in mind that in most cases damage sustained through natural disasters will be covered under insurance, damage resulting from normal wear or lack of maintenance will not.

Submit the estimates to your insurance company.

Now that the insurance company is informed and the professional HVAC repair company has given estimates, you need to submit them to your insurance company. Once they receive the estimates, they may send out their own appraiser who will assess damage. Finally you will get an amount that the insurance company will cover, in many cases, it will cover the estimated costs less the deductible. This is the point of the process where the owner will decide to proceed or not proceed with the claim, is it worth going through insurance? Will rates increase because of the claim? So many questions. Ultimately, your financial situation will determine the direction the claim will go. If the required repair to your air conditioning system is far greater than your deductible, it is a good idea to go ahead with the work. Schedule the air conditioner fixer to perform the work. Always pay at the time they complete the work, if a company asks for a prepayment, never pay the full cost of the job.

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