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May 12, 2017
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Frozen AC Coil

Citrus Springs, Inglis, Williston and Dunnellon, Florida are feeling the sizzle from summer temperatures, residents are looking for relief from the crazy heat and humidity. The best way to stay cool is to stay indoors in the comfort of your home and its air conditioning systems. It’s when you settle in for that binge watching that you realize something isn’t right.


Your house isn’t as cool as it normally is. Maybe you explain it as the heat is too much outside, but then you notice condensation collecting or dripping from the vents or AC unit. Then in the matter of a few seconds you go into panic mode thinking about all the reasons (health issues, small kids, pets, food) you just can’t be without a way to cool off. Your stomach does flips as you think “how much will this cost?” No worries your local air conditioner fixer – Rainbow Lakes AC is on standby ready to fix all of your central air conditioning problems.

A Dirty A/C CoilA Clean AC Coil

Let’s first figure out what happened. Visible condensation means the air is blocked from moving through your AC unit. Clogged filters, debris in the return air filters, something blocking the return air vents, or frozen coils could all be causes. Or it could be that your air conditioning system is low on Freon.


After a quick visual inspection while you are googling the “cost to replace air conditioners” or “AC repair companies in Dunnellon”, you can see that the unit doesn’t have any visible blockages. Follow these steps to thaw your evaporator coils:

  • Turn off your air conditioner at the thermostat, don’t adjust the temperature, just turn it off.
  • Check the filters and vents, make sure nothing is blocking them.
  • Replace or wash out filters and open all of the vents to help get warm air into the central air conditioning system.
  • Many homeowners will restart their AC units and if it cools they will let them run. Sometimes, leaks will develop in the coil system, the best way to make sure your loved ones aren’t breathing in harmful gases is to schedule and air conditioner service call with Rainbow Lakes AC.

Our service techs will check the air conditioning system for leaks and diagnose why your AC unit froze up to begin with.

If you are looking for the annual maintenance, emergency service, converting to central ac, or how much new ac units cost, Rainbow Lakes Heating and AC is your premiere air conditioning company. Warranty options for the air conditioning units vary per manufacturer, but most of them require registration and maintenance by a professional air conditioner fixer like Rainbow Lakes Heating and Air Conditioning. You can reach us at 352-489-6673 or Click Here to contact us via email.