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Living in Florida means your AC unit runs on a more consistent basis than in other areas of the country. During the summer months especially, your AC works hard to change the outside sticky heat into cool air to keep your home comfortable and relaxed. That’s where one of the most common air conditioner problems can arise. The AC drainage pipe can become a mess and cause damage issues if not properly taken care of. That’s why the experts here at Rainbow Lakes Heat & Air, INC. are here to help!

The team of licensed and trained HVAC repair specialists here shares some of the most common damage issues that can come from a blocked drainage pipe and how you can prevent it this summer. Be sure to keep this information close to be mindful of what can happen and what to do to prevent it.

Image of an air conditioning condensation line that is full of algae and bacteria that clogged the line.

How much water does your AC process per day?


Gallons of Water!

This means that it is constantly handling a massive amount of water in the hot, damp, dark areas of the pipe lines. It can cause you issues that you may be unaware of.

Common Damage Issues

Clogged drain lines can cause a massive amount of damage to the home and the unit itself. Clogged lines can cause issues such as:

First Things First

Knowing the location of your AC drain pipes is important. One of our technicians can help you locate that and share with you monthly tips to help your system run better each day. One of those tips we provide is the use of vinegar. By pouring around a ¼ cup of vinegar into the drain outlet of your AC unit, it can help get rid of the algae, mold, or bacteria that is growing in the dark, damp pipes. Let the vinegar sit for several hours at a time and then run the system as normal. Doing this each month can help to reduce the bad air quality in your home and the chance of issues happening down the road.

What To Do When There’s A Clog In The Drainage Pipes

After you’ve done the above-mentioned step to help maintain the system, these tips will help you if you find you’re having issues. It can help you to prevent a breakdown with the temperatures skyrocket and your system is working overtime.

Things you can do to help clean your home HVAC system include:

  • Shop-Vac – If you have a shop vac at home, attach the suction hose onto the end of the system drain pipe. Turn on the machine and allow it to run until the water is once again flowing freely into the vacuum itself. This helps to clear out any clogs or blockages that can cause a backup.
  • Flush The Pipes – The force of water can usually break free from a clog that is blocking the normal flow of your HVAC system. The first step in this process is to ensure your system has a fitting located on the top of the drain pipe. If it doesn’t, this is not recommended. However, if it does, simply loosen the fitting, attach your garden hose, and force water through the pipes. It will come out of the system and should push out the blockage. You can also learn if there are more leaks by watching the system as you do this.
  • Use A Plumber’s Snake – This tool is handy for more than just your plumbing pipes! If you feel you have a drain clog, be sure to work the end of the snake into the AC unit drainage pipes. You can move the snake up and down to help ensure you’ve cleared the line completely.

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