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February 25, 2020
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Summer AC Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance is an important part of the life cycle for HVAC systems. We know that ac systems need regular maintenance, but summer maintenance is a little different. Summer heat causes our ac units to work harder keeping our spaces cool and comfortable. So it is important that we are changing filters, and clean the evaporator and condenser coils.


During the summer months, filters need to be checked and replaced every 30-90 days. Most of our customers set reminders on phones or write on their calendars. Air filters are the piece of the HVAC system that the air passes through when it enters the unit. Its job is to remove the dirt, dust and anything that could cause issues further down the line. Dirty air filters can cause problems such as frozen evaporator coils, dirty air ducts, clogged condensation drain lines, insufficient cooling, higher energy bills, etc.

What is THAT? It's your AC coil being cleaned. All that dirt is a mixture of dog hair and dust.

Evaporator Coils

Ac units have 2 coils systems, the evaporator and the condenser. The best practice for these is to have Rainbow Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning clean them during your regular AC Maintenance. Evaporator coils are inside the air conditioner handler which is most often found in garages. A sign that they are dirty is condensation forms and drips into the drain pan. This water may appear dirty. The dirty water ends up in the drain pan; ultimately the condensation line creates a great chance that condensation lines will get clogged. They also will not be able to absorb heat, which will lead to frozen coils.

Condenser Coils

Condenser Coils for the HVAC system are located in the unit outside of the home. Here grass clippings, dirt, sand, storm debris, leaves and other debris create clogs. We recommend cleaning the coils every couple of months and inspecting them monthly. Keep plants and shrubs free of the unit and give it room to breathe, at least 2 feet around the unit. When your professional HVAC service company comes in for regular maintenance, they will clean the coils too, but you really need to inspect and clean them in between visits from your ac fixer.

Image of a dirty AC coil that was freezing up the AC unit causing it to overwork.After using coil cleaner to clean the AC coil.
Dirty AC Coil that is waiting to be cleaned.A clean AC Coil after Rainbow Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning used coil cleaner.

Condensation Lines

Keeping an eye on the condensation lines is an important part of your ac maintenance. The condensation lines are what direct the water out of the ac unit. Most units have a pan that collects water, window ac units allow water to drip out of the bottom of the unit. HVAC systems and interior AC units utilize a pipe or line and a drain pan. To keep the condensation lines clear of debris and to kill any algae that may be growing in them, put a cap full of bleach down the line once a month. Also, make sure to check the drain pan to see if there is water in it. If there is excessive water, make sure to empty the drain pan. Check it again to see how fast it fills as a lot of water there could mean there’s something wrong with the HVAC system further up the line.

Image of an air conditioning condensation line that is full of algae and bacteria that clogged the line.


During the hot months of summer, it is important to address the thermostat as it can be guilty of reading the wrong room temperature. To avoid this and to help with efficiency, we suggest upgrading to a digital thermostat. Newer thermostats can be accessed through apps or websites that let you control temperature and even zones of operation.


Weather strips and deals are great for helping to keep homes comfortable. However, if they are damaged or missing, this leaves space for the cool air to escape. We suggest you check doors and window seals too. Caulking, masking tape, or sealants can be priceless when it comes to insulating your windows and doors.

Regular and professional AC maintenance is key to extending the life of your HVAC system. Rainbow Lakes Heating and AC professionals are your local source for expert ac maintenance and repair. Maintenance by the homeowner will not only reduce costly repairs by catching them early, but it will allow for the unit to last as long as possible.

Even with regular AC maintenance, there are some things homeowners can do to help ease the pressure on the ac system such as:

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat.

Seal air leaks with caulking or spray foam.

Replace weather stripping.

Use sun-blocking curtains on sun-facing windows.

Use ceiling fans in occupied rooms.

Avoid using heat producing appliances in the summer.

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