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Heat Pump VS. Air Conditioners: What You Need To Know

Climate control in your home is a vital part of your everyday comfort levels. You want to be able to have peace of mind when it comes to heating or cooling your Florida home. If your current cooling system is on the fritz, it is time to consider a new installation. But wich system should you go with?  Air conditioner or a heat pump?

One of the most popular questions our technicians here at Rainbow Lakes Heating & Air, Inc. receive is, which is better? Learning the differences between the two can help you make an informed decision on how you want to proceed. Discover below the major differences between the two or call our office to discuss your options with one of our expert technicians.

AC Versus Heat Pump Main Difference

The main difference is the way that the two systems heat your home. The heat pump easily reverses the air flow when you need heat instead of cold. This takes whatever ambient heat is outside the home and brings it in to help it feel warm and cozy. On the other hand, the air conditioner actually has to heat the air itself at the air handler. Some units utilize electric strips that are heat resistant. With the AC system working harder, it will be less efficient.

Cost Comparison

On average, the heat pump may cost a slight bit more than your traditional AC installation. However, the upfront cost can actually average over time due to the many benefits that the heat pump brings. With a heat pump, you are going to gain more over the long term with an efficiency that brings down your monthly energy costs. The upfront cost may look higher, but you must consider the savings you’ll get over the life of the entire system.

Bryant 5 ton heat pump
Bryant 5 Ton Heat Pump Installed by the Team at Rainbow Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning
Grand Air Air Conditioner is a New AC Unit installed by the Professionals at Rainbow Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning
Grand Air Air Conditioner is a New AC Unit installed by the Professionals at Rainbow Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning

Lifespan Of The Units

When comparing the lifespan of a heat pump versus your air conditioner, the AC unit will generally last longer. That is simply because a heat pump is used year-round to heat and cool the home. The AC system is only used when you need cooling. However, when you take care of the heat pump with regular maintenance service you can extend the life expectancy.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to the efficiency of each system, they are generally close to even. However, when the heat pump is cooling, energy efficiency can be slightly better. AC systems can have issues with the higher the temperatures get, the harder it can be to cool the air down. With the soaring temps during the summer here in Florida, heat pumps can outdo your typical air conditioner.

Need a New Installation?

We Can Help You Choose Between an AC or Heat Pump.

If you are considering a heat pump installation or an air conditioner installation, contact the office today at (352) 489-6673. One of our expert installation technicians can go over the benefits with you and help you find the right climate control unit for your home. Do not hesitate to discuss your options, concerns, and needs with one of our experts today. You can rely on our award-winning service every time you call.