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September 27, 2019
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Summer AC Maintenance
July 17, 2020

Year-round, 24/7 service. That’s what we expect from our HVAC system. Honestly, that isn’t unreasonable, with proper care and maintenance the HVAC can last at least 12-15 years. Air conditioning and furnace units are one of the most expensive home repairs most homeowners will tackle. Rainbow Lakes Heating and Air Conditioning not only installs new HVAC, they replace AC units and offer routine maintenance services….and emergency service. We hope you don’t have to use our emergency services and if you use these tips, the HVAC system will work for your home for many years.

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HVAC Check-Up:

Whether it is an AC unit, furnace, or a whole home heating and air conditioning system, all of these major home systems need regular check-ups. We recommend you do them twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. During this check-up the HVAC unit should get a thorough inspection, all moving parts should be lubricated, the condenser should be cleaned, flush any build-up from the drain tube, refrigerant levels should be checked, replace filters, for HVAC or furnace units, check the heat exchange for cracks.

Change the Filter:

This sounds easy, but it’s often forgotten. Mark your calendar, create an electronic reminder, create a tracker, or however you will remember, but make sure you change your filter quarterly. Two will be done during check-ups but the other two will to be need completed by the homeowner or renter. Rainbow Lakes Heating and AC suggests to do them at the beginning of each season.

Smart Thermostat:

There are all kinds of thermostat options today, you can set timers, control them from your phone or manually control them in the home. Regardless, it’s always best to set the fan to an auto setting which means it only comes on when the HVAC system is actively heating or cooling. Today’s smart thermostats are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. A smart thermostat can pay for itself pretty quickly by optimizing when you AC fan comes on keeping it from constantly running. You can also set timers that allow your HVAC a break when you aren’t home.

Asses Storm Damage:

Florida is known for its storms. Our summer storms have been known to wipe out streets, and yards. The severe winds, thunder and lightning have cause some intense damage. After these types of storms, it’s a good idea to check the outside condenser part of the AC system. These components are made to withstand heat, cold, wind and rain, but that doesn’t mean they are indestructible. Better safe than sorry.

Keep the Treated Air In:

We have all felt it, that drafty pocket of cold air next to a window or that chill when walking between rooms. Once we treat the air in our home to either be hot or cold, depending on the season, the struggle is to keep it that way for as long as possible to avoid running the AC or Furnace units. The key to doing this is to keep your home insulated. Insulation breaks down overtime; it’s important to add to it or replace it so that your home stays as energy efficient as possible. Windows and doors also consume a lot of treated air, if not sealed properly they can allow air to flow right through them as if they were opened.

Make it a Combo:

That’s right using a combination of the HVAC systems and ceiling fans help circulate air in the summer will help your home stay cool and take stress off your AC system. In the winter, when the sun is shining, open the blinds and let it in it will add heat to your home too! Throw blankets and layered clothing will also help keep your body warm and the temperature a little lower.

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