Do it Yourself Tips to Extend the Life of Your AC
April 20, 2017
Air Conditioner Repair

Air Conditioner in Citrus Springs or Dunnellon

Why is it important to service your Air Conditioner or Central Heating & Air Conditioning System?

In Florida, one of the most important and most used systems in any home is the air conditioning or central air conditioning systems. They help keep our homes free from the sticky humidity the Dunnellon and Citrus Springs’ area is known for. Unfortunately, these are also some of the most overlooked systems in our households.

Keeping your air conditioning and central air conditioning units working properly isn’t as daunting as you may think. Simply calling your local “Air Conditioner Fixer” annually is generally the answer. Rainbow Lakes AC has been Dunnellon & Citrus Springs’ preferred specialist since 1978. They are experts in keeping your home or commercial units running efficiently.

Did you know that air conditioning and central air conditioning units lose about 5% of their efficiency EVERY year! Most systems are operating all day every day for 10-20 years and once your system reaches 10 years old, without proper service it can be losing 50% of its efficiency. Now, that is alarming.

Regular service and maintenance not only extends the life and efficiency of the unit, it also helps in other ways. It keeps electric bills manageable and with proper service, your air conditioning and central air conditioning system can operate at a 90-95% efficiency. That means it can adequately cool your home without using added power.

We all know what it’s like in Dunnellon and Citrus Springs in August, and it never fails, when you need it most, that is when your air conditioning or central air conditioning system breaks down. Keeping a regular maintenance schedule for your air conditioning systems helps Rainbow Lakes AC technicians keep an eye on your system to ensure it is working properly.

What can I do to improve the longevity of my air conditioner system?

Annual maintenance is the first step to diagnosing small problems before they become larger ones. We all know the larger ones are no fun! Your air conditioner fixer is there to inspect your system ensuring there are no leaks. Leaks can lead to a drop-in Freon levels, it is important your technician makes sure these are correct. Condenser coils that are dirty can reduce your systems ability to perform its best, Rainbow Lakes AC technicians make sure they are clean and free of debris and filters are replaced. Repair bills are minimal and you are able leverage the longest lifespan possible from your systems. After your annual service, our technicians will recommend added service and steps for you to take to ensure longevity of your air conditioning system.

Every air conditioning and central air conditioning system comes with a warranty. If regular maintenance is neglected, some companies will require repairs to be paid from the homeowner. Many manufacturers actually make regular service and maintenance part of their warranty contracts.

Rainbow Lakes AC can service and maintain all major brands of air conditioning and central air conditioning units. This is the perfect time to schedule your annual air conditioning system maintenance. It will give you peace of mind that during the summer months, your system will be functioning at its best.