What's Really Making You Sick This Winter?
What’s Really Making You Sick This Winter?
January 8, 2018
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March 28, 2018
Air Quality & Humidity

Air Quality | Whole Home Dehumidification

Florida is known for it’s hot humid days. Year-round hot humid days. High humidity levels mean that moisture in the air is high, in fact often times, people will explain that the heat is like stepping into a steamy sauna or shower. The relative humidity level in FL is around 89%. Most other states only experience that level of relative humidity during the summer months.

Central air conditioning units do a good job of removing the humidity from the air, but turn off once they reach their selected temperature. However, for them to reduce the humidity in the air, central air conditioning units would run consistently leaving homes cold enough to hang meat, not comfortable reside.
Homeowners must first determine what humidity levels are acceptable inside their homes. Generally, this level will be +/- 50%. Next, they need to determine if this will be throughout the home or in a designated area.

Reasons people choose to use dehumidify are not just due to the humidity in the air. Humidity can trigger asthma or allergies, bedding and clothing gets that damp and sticky not a clean feeling, indoor pests become nuisances, smells, bacteria growth, corrosion, and warping. All of these contribute to decline in air quality and ultimately health conditions.
Dehumidifiers generally care for the space they physically inhabit which means that once you leave that space you will feel the dripping effects of relative humidity. They require maintenance such as emptying the drain pan of water which can get messy if you forget and it overflows which can cause added problems.

Dehumidifiers can be intrusive, taking up valuable space and make an amazing amount of noise. A popular option is to add a whole home dehumidifier, it doesn’t take up the space, or require the constant attention and saves home owners’ utility bills.  You’re local HVAC install or AC Repair service company can help you get it installed.

Let’s look at some of the key factors of both types to dehumidification in the home:

Whole Home Dehumidification

  • Humidity Control Throughout Home
  • Central Location & Noise Level
  • Energy Efficient
  • Low Maintenance
  • More Durable/Warranty
  • Initial Investment Costly

Portable Dehumidifcation

  • Humidity Control Only Where Unit Is
  • Portable & Loud
  • Less Expensive Initially
  • Must Empty Drain Pan
  • Shorter Lifespan
  • Less Expensive Initially

When we consult with homeowners we use a few factors to determine the type of dehumidification we recommend. If the humidity problems are restricted to specific rooms or only evident seasonally, we may recommend a portable dehumidifier. If home owners are wanting year-round control of humidity throughout the entire home or to ease allergy or other health issues, we might recommend a whole home system. If you are considering dehumidification, the air conditioning professionals at Rainbow Lakes Air Conditioning and Heating can work with you to choose the best option for your home.

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