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July 11, 2018
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September 24, 2018

Sticky, sweaty, hot I don’t this anyone likes to feel like this in their home. During the summer months Rainbow Lakes Heating and Air Conditioning gets tons of phone calls from customers’ who have this complaint. Their air conditioners have stopped cooling and need attention, we make sure to get to everyone as quickly as possible, but we have to be mindful of the summer storms.

Bad weather, especially in Florida, can make a bad day worse. The unique weather that Florida encounters can mean it rains on and off every 15 minutes. It can thunder and lightening even when the sun is out and the sky is blue. I’ve seen it raining and I mean really raining on one side of the street while the other is as dry as can be. There have been times where the storms blow in, the trees bend over and the clouds let loose of so much water it carries anything in its path away only to abruptly end.

Your local air conditioner fixers have to take this into consideration when working with HVAC units. Safety is a priority; most ac units rely on some form of power to work properly. Rainy weather can not only jeopardize the safety of your HVAC professional, but it can jeopardize the safety of your unit. Repairing a unit with water present can mean that it gets into the operating systems and you may not see any damage now, but in a few weeks. No one wants to start repairs over, so it’s best that you let the ac technician come back when the unit is dry.

Here is Rainbow Lakes Heating & Air Conditioning's tip for a successful service during rainy weather:

Turn off the thermostat – If you unit isn’t working properly, there is no reason to keep it running as it may cause added issues.

Get air flowing – open the windows, use ceiling fans, or portable fans to get the air moving in your home.

Cool clothes – wear lighter layers that allow your body to breath as it perspires.

Communicate – make sure you let your local HVAC service company know when you will be home and make sure they keep your repair open so you keep your place on the schedule.

Patience – we understand what it’s like to be uncomfortable and we will make sure you are taken care of. Just remember repeated phone calls will only cause confusion and ultimately result in time wasted that we could have been at your home.

Rainbow Lakes Heating and AC services Citrus, Marion and Levy counties ensuring residents in Dunnellon, Williston, and Beverly Hills and everywhere in between have the best quality HVAC heating repair services available.

Warranty options for the air conditioning units vary per manufacturer, but most of them require registration and maintenance by a professional air conditioner fixer like Rainbow Lakes Heating and Air Conditioning.